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The Art and Science in Mandala

Published in France on 2011

Abstract: This paper carries out a study on low dose gamma ray exposure in mandala. The objective of this research is to explain in scientific terms a phenomenon in a very unnatural circumstance which will relate the radiation of color energy and frequency of mandala effects resembling the descriptive properties of matter interaction of gamma radiation. There are three natural sources of gamma radiation, the gamma decays in radio isotopes, cosmic ray in high-frequency level and rare terrestrial gamma-ray flashes. These aforementioned sources of gamma radiation have high-energy photons and huge production of electrons which are generally dangerous and biologically hazardous. Emission of X-ray photons has photoelectric effect that penetrates to the bones and unsafe irradiation procedures may cause burns and cancer. Another classic observation of photoelectric effect occured in metals emitting electrons when light shines upon them such as in solar panel technology. While in low-intensity, it is possible that light can eject electrons through discrete packet of photon energy, linking energy and frequency to quantify energy. Without reaching and exceeding the threshold of frequency, there are no electrons reducing or increasing the energy transfers in any chemical interaction regardless of the amplitude and exposure to light. In physics, this light can be the gamma rays, X-rays, microwaves and radiowaves that emits and absorbs tiny packets identified as “photons”. The relevance of this research paper encourages mandala energy as the medium for further studies and test theories on low-gamma radiation healing with anti-ageing benefits, the prototype and its effects is self-explanatory related to perpetual motion mechanics theorized in graviton and its technology may support manufacturing industries related to medicine, food production, energy and supply of clean water.

Keywords: Photoelectric Effect, Low-Dose Gamma Ray, Graviton

Low-Dose Gamma Ray Exposure in Mandala.pdf