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What Is Mandala ?

In the history of Buddhism culture in Asia, a mandala art symbolizes the heavenly realm of the cosmic and enlightened beings. One tangible cultural legacy in Indonesia that can relate with the physical mandala is the largest Buddhist monument in the world, Candi Borobudur. Niki Saraswati utilizes the outline of the Candi Borobudur and develops it to the colorful Niki Mandala.

Mandala Vasini 2D/1N Room Package

The Mandala Sleeping Meditation Therapy is a natural healing technique within the range of Delta (0.5-3 Hz) -Theta (3-8 Hz) meditation wave. Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state, and that is why deep restorative sleep is so essential to the healing process.

The Mandala Energy are programmed to revitalize yourself physically and healing the emotional and spiritual deep side during sleep, inclusive of instruction to activate the Mandala Energy before sleeping.

Therapy Price: USD 235.00++ for one person.  Extra person is USD 100.00++


  • Two-way transport from/to airport – hotel
  • One-night Accommodation, Single Bed or Twin Bed
  • A special Set-Menu Breakfast, an option for Vegan delight dishes
  • Mandala Treatment of your choice
  • Take-away of the Bedrunner and pillow cover with the information booklet on how to activate the Mandala Energy before sleeping

What is a mandala? Mandala pertains to a holographic pattern of the Hindu and Buddhist deities in their heavenly realm a mandala artistry is not limited to the Buddhist monk’s expertise, it is a natural gift for any chosen individual by undergoing a self-exploratory period, and cleansing the sub-conscious  arena of the mind till the  consciousness attitunes to the gamma brainwave frequency and the nature’s frequency itself.

The mandala energy attunes with the frequency of gamma ray in the electromagnetic spectrum, more than the light energy of the sun.  The peer-reviewed paper “Low-Dose Gamma Ray Exposure in Mandala” supports this claim, the author was Niki Saraswati, the scientific evidence was published in [email protected]

Colors are often analyzed by our scholars, Newton assumed the colorful lights were all contained in the purity of white light. Experts in bio-energy mesure the effects of color on human bio-field.

Warm colors are associated with yellow, red and orange, those chakra color concept are located in the lower part of the abdomen, close affinity with Mother Nature.





Lack of Intuitive Channel

Mental Blockage

Electric Blue


Lack of Creativity

Emotional Expression Blockage

Light and Love


Lack of Enthusiasm

Over-all pessimistic attitude

Chi Red Mandala


Low Energy or Burn-Out

Experiencing drainage and lack of energy

Essence of White Mandala



Experiencing ambiguity, confusion and ambivalence in decision-making

Chi Purple Mandala


Green is neutral, the position of the heart.

Cool colors pertain to the upper body, the seat of consciousness, related with the mind, the idea of Father Cosmos and his activity.

Image: The image of Pollen Boy on the Sun, Navajo and Hopi Indian Tribes, North America

Mandala-making is the traditional healing method of the Shaman in the indigenous tribes of North America, the Navajo and Hopi Indians. This was meant to restore the balance in health, the Shaman invoke the spirits through the means of a drawing.

Image: Kalachakra Mandala, Tibet

In Tibet, the mandala ritual directs the path (mind) to seek the door of enlightenment. One of them as the mandala patterns painted on thangka fabric, and the most popular was the sand-mandala initiated by the Dalai Lama I and the art-making continued with the vestiges of Dalai Lama XIV (the present).

Image: Vastu Purusha Mandala, India

The sacred Indian architecture, Vastu Purusha Mandala, Purusha holds power, an energetic being assigned in the subdivisions of each square inside the mandala. He is the architect and initiator determining the proportion ad distribution of energy on Earth. Purusha’s presence is the manifestation of the divine plan to become the blue-print of reality.

Borobudur temple is built to represent many layers in Buddhist concept. From a bird’s eye view, the temple is in the shape of traditional Buddhist mandala. A mandala is central to a great deal of Buddhist and Hindu art, the basic form of most Hindu and Buddhist mandala is a square with four entry points and circular centre point. Working from exterior to the interior, three spherical of consciousness are visualize, kamadatu, rupadatu, arupadatu with the central sphere representing the source of divine consciousness or Nirvana.

n hour session to open the many layers of consciousness, healing the bad memory

Niki Saraswati was a Hindu convert with the motivation to cleanse the DNA spirit of the Hindu- Buddhist ancestors in hersef. She voluntarilty lived a hermetic life (celibacy period) starting in 2002 and resigned from the last job to undergo a spiritual purification and karma cleansing. In 2005, the mandala art was born. The same series of art which was published in France, Les Mandalas de Niki.

The spiritual energy derived from the purification had been tested by the co-author of the book and its recommendation was written for guidance and a spiritual tool for meditation activities and well-being. It made Niki more curious about her art work and its application, thus, the new art created in 2012 were tested in laboratory. The mandala energy is validated as photon energy in the Low-Dose Gamma Ray Exposure in Mandala.

Mandala Books and Exhibition



Les Mandalas de Niki, featuring Niki Saraswati’s Mandala Art, the book was published in France in November 2009, currently on sales in Amazon.France



Art and Craft Exhibition in Seminyak featuring mandala designs in lampshades and wall lamp



Low-Dose Gamma Ray Exposure in Mandala, the first scientific peer-reviewed paper published in an open-access and on-line journal, High-Energy Physics Journal in Science PG, New York-USA

Youtube, Niki Saraswati Channel

  • Two videos for mandala presentation as meditation medium
  • Two video for Optical Computer Research and Mandala Quantum Entanglement Report
  • One video for Mandala Ionization Report on Food and Beverages
Bed Sheet Electric Blue

Electric Blue

Mental detoxification and releasing the mental blockage. Garbage In and Garbage Out. It helps in developing the intuitive channel to resonate

Light and Love

Its energy eliminates the over-all pessimistic attitude towards the future, and directs the consciousness to have the insight and vision of “Hope” The vibrational level nurtures the spiritual self and healing the issues of the mind, its sparking red color stimulates the interest to enjoy any type of activities.

Bed Sheet Light and Love
Bed Sheet Chi Red

Chi Red

Its energy negates the over-all pessimistic attitude and manufacture “Hope”. Its sparkling red energy stimulates the interest to enjoy any kind of work and activities.

Essence of White

The energy of white is supreme, it is the source of visible light and its vibrant energy. An exhausted feeling requires the blessing of the purity of white to engulf the spiritual self with the essence of purity, serene and calm.

Bed Sheet Essence of White
Bedsheet Chi Purple

Essence of White

The energy of white is supreme, it is the source of visible light and its vibrant energy. An exhausted feeling requires the blessing of the purity of white to engulf the spiritual self with the essence of purity, serene and calm.