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Mandala Vasini

Feel it. Have it. Love it.

The Mandala Way, to Feel is to Believe

Whether you are a busy-body Corporate person, a Reiki Master reaching another initiation level or someone in need of energy-boost, we recommend a very unique therapeutic get-away to open your senses and absorb the light energy.

The Mandala Sleep Meditation Therapy is a practical medium yet the only one in the world providing a low-dose gamma irradiation treatment during your sleep. Waking-up in the positive world of Tomorrow

to Taste is to Believe

Our selection underwent the food irradiation process during the preparation, the mandala way. Your breakfast is served with the light energy to revive your mind, body and spirit.

to Smell is to Believe

In the tradition of Love Energy, the scented oil is fused with the mandala water and alcohol to bring-out the spirit of the cempaka or sedap malam flower, a diffuser aromatherapy treat in your room.

2D/1N: Mandala Sleep Meditation Therapy

· Roundtrip Transportation; airport-hotel-airport

· Accommodation for Single or Twin-share, spiritually enhanced with the aromatic scent of Mandala Diffuser

· Welcome Garland Flower

· Welcome Mandala Sangria Drink

· Mandala Breakfast Set-Menu, a choice of Western and Oriental Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian

· A Balinese Nyuh Kuning (coconut drink) empowered by the mantram of a Balinese Priest

· Mandala Sleeping Meditation Therapy of your choice,

· A complete guide on How to Activate the Mandala Reiki Energy on your therapy

· A goodie-bag with your Bedrunner and Pillow cases in the therapy

USD 235 ++ for Single Room, USD 335 ++ for Twin-Share

Choices of Mandala Sleep Meditation Therapy​





Lack of Intuitive Channel

Mental Blockage

Electric Blue

Lack of Creativity

Emotional Expression Blockage

Light and Love

Lack of Enthusiasm

Over-all pessimistic attitude

Chi Red Mandala

Low Energy or Burn-Out

Experiencing drainage and lack of energy

Essence of White Mandala


Experiencing ambiguity, confusion and ambivalence in decision-making

Chi Purple Mandala

A choice of any of the Mandala will be applied to your bed  and pillows recreating an energy field of low dose gamma irradiation and transferring energy upon you during your sleep.​

Bed Sheet Electric Blue

Electric Blue

Mental detoxification and releasing the mental blockage. Garbage In and Garbage Out. It helps in developing the intuitive channel to resonate

Light and Love

Its energy eliminates the over-all pessimistic attitude towards the future, and directs the consciousness to have the insight and vision of “Hope” The vibrational level nurtures the spiritual self and healing the issues of the mind, its sparking red color stimulates the interest to enjoy any type of activities.

Bed Sheet Light and Love
Bed Sheet Chi Red

Chi Red

Its energy negates the over-all pessimistic attitude and manufacture “Hope”. Its sparkling red energy stimulates the interest to enjoy any kind of work and activities.

Chi Purple

The Sahasrara sacrament of bliss discards ambiguity, confusion and ambivalence in decision-making. It aids in intuitive stiulation and acts as reminders for negative and positive feedback of the decision-making. The key is clear conscience. It provides the courage to choose the right option for long-term benefits.

Bedsheet Chi Purple
Bed Sheet Essence of White

Essence of White

The energy of white is supreme, it is the source of visible light and its vibrant energy. An exhausted feeling requires the blessing of the purity of white to engulf the spiritual self with the essence of purity, serene and calm.