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Meet the Master

Niki Saraswati was a Hindu convert with the motivation to cleanse the DNA spirit of the Hindu-Buddhist ancestors in hersef. She voluntarilty lived a hermetic life (celibacy period) starting in 2002 and resigned from the last job to undergo a spiritual purification and karma cleansing. In 2005, the mandala art was born. The same series of art which was published in France, Les Mandalas de Niki.

The spiritual energy derived from the purification had been tested by the co-author of the book and its recommendation was written for guidance and a spiritual tool for meditation activities and well-being. It made Niki more curious about her art work and its application, thus, the new art created in 2012 were tested in laboratory. The mandala energy is validated as photon energy in the Low-Dose Gamma Ray Exposure in Mandala.


Niki Saraswati is available for consultation services on career, relationship, health, business and faith.

  • The rate for 1 1/2 hour is USD 55.00 per person.
  • Payment direct to hotel.
  • This includes a Mandala Water Initiation.
  • Venue: The Vasini Hotel